Gentlemen's box

Gentlemen's box

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This set includes:

- a ready-to-eat can of Guinness Irish Stout 0.44 l with the globally unique widget for the best quality

- 10 cl Aberlour 12 single malt scotch whiskey

- 10 cl peeling "Pinot Noir Cask" Irish whiskey

- 10 cl Glenmorangie 14 "The Quinta Ruban" single malt scotch whiskey

- 10 cl Talisker 10 Single Molt Scotch Whiskey

- an original whiskey glass

- a bag of Walker Chips "Salt and Vinegar"

- two beer vouchers for the Cronus group and

- a high quality flamed wooden box with leather hinges and braided handles

Only while supplies last!